Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lenin or Lennon?

It seems that no music award show is complete without a tribute to David Bowie and the Lady Gaga tribute at the Grammys was to be polite, bloody awful and a bit weird although the one at tonights Brits was better, it still wasn't great.
I wasn't a massive Bowie fan but i did like 'Life on Mars' although nobody seems to have asked Bowie about the line in the second verse and whether it is 'Lenin' or 'Lennon' that's on sale again.
I have always assumed it is Lenin as the preceding line is 'Now the workers have struck for fame' ties in with the Russian leader and the workers parties under Communism.
Alternatively, John Lennon was into his solo career by 1973 when the Life on Mars song was released so it could easily be about the former Beatle and when you look up the lyrics on the internet most sites give this version.
Still not sure about what 'Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow' means though but then the 1970's were weird and Bowie was weirder than most.

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