Sunday, 21 February 2016

Trump Not The Most Scary Republican

The race to be the American President continues along its Big Brother style process with the latest evictee being Jeb Bush who faces a ribbing from his father and brother at the next family gathering and the ignominy of  being the least liked Bush member in a family where one of them lied to take his country into a war and oversaw the death of over a million people which is still resonating today.
So now that Jeb has packed up that gun with his name on it and gone back to Florida the field is thinned and the smart money seems to be a process which will end with Donald Trump crowned top Republican banana and gaining the nomination to take on either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
But the Trumpton guy is nuttier than a squirrels pantry you may say but according to people who pay more attention to these things than me, Trump is almost normal compared to the man who is currently second, Ted Cruz who John McCain called a 'wacko bird'.
A quick check on Wikipedia shows his father is Cuban, his mother Spanish and he isn't even American but born in Calgary which is in Canada unless my Atlas is wrong so not sure of he is even legible, maybe Donald Trump should be asking him for his birth certificate. 
His wikipedia page lists his political positions as pro-gun, anti abortion, opposes same sex marriage,
disagrees with scientific opinion on climate change and favours the death penalty.
Throw in that he is scarily religious and i fail to see the difference between him and any other right wing American Presidential hopeful unless i am missing something.
Equally the same people who say the Republican line up is a farce are also saying that whoever gets the nomination will be beaten by Hillary Clinton anyway who they expect to win the Democrat race and have her backside warming the big seat in the Oval Office come November.


Keep Life Simple said...

His is a minority. I guess it is shocking to you that a non-white supports freedom but are you surprised that a Hispanic is a theist or that a Texan supports self-defense

Falling on a bruise said...

I don't know enough about American Hispanics, non whites or Texans to comment.

Keep Life Simple said...

Ha ha, that may be a first.