Sunday, 28 February 2016

Down With This Sort Of Thing

For a sitcom character who spent 99% of each episode asleep and only had a dialogue of 3 words, Father Ted's Father Jack was as memorable a character as television has ever had.
The actor who played him, Frank Kelly, has died and it was on the anniversary of the death of Dermot Morgan, who played Father Ted and who died of a heart attack on 28 February, 1998.
The foul-mouthed, hard-drinking Priest was most well known for his catchphrases, which included 'Drink!' and 'Girls!' and 'Feck!' had been suffering with Parkinson's disease and had previously battled bowel cancer and skin cancer.
Still repeated now, Father Ted was for me one of the greatest comedy series of all time but his first acting role was in The Italian Job in 1969, escorting Michael Caine’s character out of prison.
Appears that The Grim Reaper has chosen 2016 to steadily work his way through his list of celebrities.

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