Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sanders Journey Ending?

For a moment there it looked as though America was about to cast out the failed concept of Capitalism ($19 trillion in debt, how's that working for you?) and join us in a European Socialist paradise but Bernie appears to be falling behind Bill Clinton's wife and the dream ending today with expected heavy losses on Super Tuesday.
While a surprising amount of voters have rallied behind his message of tackling financial corruption and reducing inequality, Team Clinton has gathered itself after a slow start and is widely expected to zip things today and go on to face the strangely orange faced Trump.   
The last odds i saw had Clinton 16-1 on for the nomination and odds on for the Presidency so they think Sanders is effectively out of the race.
Oh well, it was a nice dream that America would become the new Sweden but it seems it will stay the same old America.
That said, if Donald Trump somehow gets to be President America could very well become the international equivalent of Bill Cosby as he isn't get so many invites to places these days.


Keep Life Simple said...

Why do you care about our economy?

Nog said...

Probably the same reason we should care about the European economy, it's all connected.

Anyways, not so gung-ho about Hildawg I take it.

Falling on a bruise said...

I am fascinated how you can be so much in debt and how you are going to get out of it. Hildawg just seems more of the same nog.

Keep Life Simple said...

I agree Lucy. Hillary will be 4 more years of Obama, but Burnme would be worse.

The dems think all economic thinking ended with the writings of Marx and Keynes. In other words they stopped thinking in 1925.

Meaning, the democrats think it is 1925 when we needed roads and power plants to enable the manufacturing era to grow.

It is 2016, and we need a new education system and we need infrastructure that enables innovation, research, collaboration, communications, artificial intelligence, data analytics. Not more roads, solar power plants, water recycling plants, and government agencies.

Keep Life Simple said...

Noah, she isn't worried about our economy. She is worried about missing the opportunity to change the US economy into an anemic European style economy.

Falling on a bruise said...

Unfair q, i am concerned how you and nog are both going to pay the $58,255 per person that you both owe. I hope you don't have to sell your massive oven but you are all in it together so needs must and all that. It may take longer but cooking roadkill by candle is always an option.

Keep Life Simple said...

Unless we do something stupid like expand government more or adopt more socialist methods eventually we will have an economic surge that will increase private sector income increasing the tax base enough to significantly reduce the debt. That is why so many people think Obama is a terrible president. We have never taken so long to recover economically. AGAIN, using 1925 Keynsian methods are not the answer. And he doubled down on Keynes (more government and more government debt).

Candidates for economic recovery:
- new energy break through
- nano engineering
- bioengineering
- AI, machine learning, data analytics

But the game government has to create the right environment (mostly get out of the way).

Falling on a bruise said...

Don't know about there but here they blamed the rowing back of government regulation for the banks and bankers to run riot and screw up everything so the government getting out of the way would just make it easier fir them to screw everybody over again.