Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cleverest Celebrities

The IQ test is used to measure a persons intelligence but as it never came around until the early 20th century, experts have got together to measure some of histories greatest minds to work out what their score would be.
Albert Einstein's IQ by today's standards was estimated to be 160, while Galileo Galilei would have scored an estimated 182, Sir Isaac Newton a reported 190 and Leonardo da Vinci 185, Rene Descartes 180, Charles Darwin 165, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 165 and Nicolaus Copernicus 160.
On the IQ scale, anything over 140 marks you out as a genius which all of the above minds fit the description but who today can technically call themselves a genius.
No surprise that Stephen Hawking matches Einstein but alongside them with an equal IQ score of 160 is Dolph Lundgren, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Damon and Quentin Tarantino. )
Just a few points below them is Cindy Crawford (IQ 154), Alicia Keys (IQ 154) and Geena Davis (IQ  158).
Rowan Atkinson has an IQ of 178 which puts him between Charles Darwin and Rene Descartes but the most intelligent celebrity today is James Wood who has an IQ of 184 which is above Galileo and within touching distance of Leonardo da Vinci.
What is reassuring is that even a genius with an intelligence quotient above some of the greatest human minds from history can still do dumb things, as anyone who has seen the Woods film 'Videodrome' will testify.

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Keep Life Simple said...

My father-n-law is one of those bonafide Mensa geniuses. Nice guy. But he said the world would run out of oil in 2010. Now it's gonna run out of water by 2025 (can't get him to explain where all the oceans go). He is also convinced the USA is gonna collapse soon.

So much for a hi IQ and a PhD.