Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Prince William The Useless

England has been lucky enough to have 3 Richards ruling over it, the first was the Lion Heart, the second was schizophrenic while the third turned up under a car park in Leicester so while these three former kings have had mixed success, we will soon be ruled over by another Dick only this one is called William.
Not sure if it's the lack of hair or some other reason that he feels he must prove his manhood by blasting animals from a safe distance with a high powered weapon but the Prince is fond of hunting which rather rubs against his 'job' with the UK arm of the World Wildlife Fund.
Now the work shy Royal has once again shown the drawback from generations of inbreeding by stating that the trophy hunting of animals is justified if the animal is 'infertile' or 'at the end of his life' and that somebody paying to shoot it is 'a justifiable means of conserving species that are under serious threat'.
The prince was criticised in 2014 when he went on a deer and wild boar hunting trip in Spain the day before he launched a high-profile appeal to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife and the Royals are not renown for being gifted in the brains department but to use the laughably bad excuse that it is okay to kill an animal as it no longer serves a useful purpose is atrocious.
If not keeping useless things around is the case then we would have got rid of the Royal family centuries ago as they have not served a useful purpose since Henry VIII told the Catholics to go do one.

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