Sunday, 20 March 2016

Who Left To Vote For Trump?

Donald Trump has alienated women (fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals), hispanics (criminals and rapists), muslims (should be banned), blacks (if black lives matter, go back to Africa) war veterans (not a hero if you were captured) so who is there left to cheer for him?
You would think the only people he hasn't insulted are the rich, white folk but looking at his audience it appears that his demographic is the low IQ who get their opinions from Fox News. 
As yet another Rally ends in violence with a protester being pummelled by members of the Trump audience for daring to disagree with the racist, misogynist on stage, it does appear anyone with any sense is dodging the Trumpster and it's the remaining violent extremists cheering him home.
Last month, former head of the KKK, David Duke, called for Klan members to support Mr Trump and volunteer for his campaign so it shows how far to the right the orange haired buffoon is if he is meeting the KKK coming the other way.
As we know Trump is a fan of Hitler and his methods, saying at one meeting: 'believe you me, and this guy Hitler, he had some good ideas, but he didn’t go far enough' and the connection between the right wing fascists and the other right wing fascist creates another link as both oversaw violent rallies and blamed the violence on those attacked rather than condemn the useful idiots that salivated over their hateful words.
Hopefully those with an IQ larger than their show size will outweigh those who attend Trump rallies and find him an attractive option to elect as President.
If not, should be fun watching America implode under the orange faced simpleton.


Keep Life Simple said...

Lucy you should get your data from more than one source, or I should say from more than one perspective. The news media and journalists and press here are 95% leftist and 95% biased. That is why FOX and talk radio thrive.

Regarding the violence at trump rallies. The left are attending with the intent of causing violence. When asked to leave they refuse, they being verbally attacking others, they reveal signs with language that is illegal to telecast, they push, and occasionally they punch or kick.

In America if you get in someone's face and scream at them and insult them and try to intimidate them it is considered a threat.

One person's right to speech is not the same as the right to be heard. And one cannot force another to listen. And one cannot invade another person's personal space.

Trump has had hundreds of rallies. They have huge attendance (often 25,000+). To call out 4 or 5 incidents where people are intentionally trying to agitate others and hundreds of thousands are involved it is sloppy and misleading to attribute the violence to the candidate or to their supporters at large.

Shame on you.

Falling on a bruise said...

As i said, Hitler and his mob blamed the demonstrators also rather than the thugs dishing out the violence. Elsewhere you get dissenting voices at conferences and rallies without it ending up in violence, why not at Hillary's gatherings, or Cruz's, or when GWB was on the stump? Why is it those who turn up to hear Trump speak are unable to hear others opinions without wanting to punch and kick people? They are the actions of the knuckle scrapers who Trump is attracting, the KKK endorsement shows where he is drawing his crowd from hence the violent scenes.

Keep Life Simple said...

How do you know there was no violence at other rallies? The fact that the leftist press doesn't report on leftist violence is not a convincing argument. Of course you mention Hitler and KKK you sound like Hillary.

Falling on a bruise said...

Just reporting the facts, the KKK HAS recently endorsed Trump and the 'Hitler' link with Trump is on record so yet another connection between the two. You can try and deny it as it makes you uncomfortable but it's a fact.