Saturday, 26 March 2016

There Still Could Be A President Sanders

In the weekly Government cabinet meetings the Cabinet discuss International events and a leaked document shows that during a discussion on the US Election, Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, said that it was a possibility that 'a deeply dysfunctional character could
become the next President of the United States' which could prove a bit embarrassing for the Government if they do have to deal with a Donald Trump President in the future.
The smart money is they will be dealing with the first female American President but the 'It's Clinton's To Lose' crowd have been less vocal on the announcement that the Socialist Bernie Sanders has won overwhelming victories in Washington state and Alaska today, narrowing Hillary Clinton’s still significant lead in the race for delegates to win the Democratic nomination for President.  
Although she is still expected to romp home, albeit with less delegates than she expected, there is still a fly in the Clinton ointment that could see Sanders take on the dysfunctional orange one for the hot seat.
The wild card is that the FBI are in the midst of a full criminal investigation into Clinton over her use of a private email server while Secretary of State which could see her indicted on criminal charges.
If Hillary is indicted and then faces a criminal trial which is a possibility, those delegates that right now support her would be free to change their mind and support Sanders. 
I wouldn't put away that recording of the Red Flag just yet, European style Socialism may still be on it's way Stateside yet and the British Government can breathe easier.


Keep Life Simple said...

Bernie's chances are near zero.

Falling on a bruise said...

The FBI may yet decide otherwise.

Keep Life Simple said...

That why I didn't say zero