Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hello, Is It Us You're Looking For?

Anybody out there? Mysterious, repeating bursts of radio waves emanating from a galaxy far away have been detected by scientists who believe they come from an 'extremely powerful object'.
Researchers at New York’s Cornell University believe the origin of these fast radio bursts (FRBs), are not from the usual explanation of an explosion in space as they are repeating, as if someone is sending out a signal.
'Whatever produces the FRB can’t be destroyed by the burst, because otherwise, what would produce the next pulse?" asked the senior researcher at Cornell to anyone who bothered to listen to him before saying : 'whatever battery drives FRBs, it can recharge in minutes'.
Only 17 FRBs have ever been discovered and were isolated events thought to be caused by cataclysmic incidents which destroyed the source, such as an exploding star.
Us Earthlings have been sending out radio waves to announce ourselves to any intelligent life outside the solar system who can pick up our signal so maybe finally someone is replying to us or somewhere out there is another civilization turning their three heads and seven eyes towards the inky blackness and wondering if they also are alone. 
The truth is out there and maybe it is saying hello.

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