Saturday, 12 March 2016

EU Out Campaign

The first EU IN or OUT campaigners are hitting the streets and i am sure that i will have more discussions like the one i had today with a young lad who tried to push an EU Out leaflet into my hand and persuade me that the EU is evil. 
As i am far too busy bending young minds to the advantages of Marxism and keeping the Climate Change conspiracy going (got to pay those bills somehow) i have declined becoming actively involved but i also think that the British public know that leaving the EU would be madness and will vote accordingly without my persuasion especially if the lad i spoke to today is on the opposition team.
Undeniably enthusiastic, he had the big arguments from regaining our borders and to being run by Europe but had little to no facts to back himself up with so allow me to help.

According to the latest National Audit Office, counting what we pay to the EU in membership fees and what we get back in subsidies, the UK's net contribution to Europe for 2014/15 was £5.7bn.
The EU is the Worlds largest trading block and the UK's main trading partner and as we are in the EU we do not have to pay tariffs or exchange rates so for our £5.7bn we trade more than £400bn a year with Europe, or 52% of the total trade in goods and services.
If we remove ourselves from the EU, imports and exports would become liable for tariffs and paying the additional exchange rates from £ to €. Aside from hitting our own manufacturers, companies would not base themselves here and pay the extra when they can move to an EU member state and avoid all extra import/export costs.

On the second topic of sovereignty, in order to continue to trade with the EU single market if we left, it would cost Britain £35bn, around 94% of the current costs, but to continue trading the UK would have to abide by many EU rules without any influence over how they are formed so in short we would still 'be run from Europe' but we would have removed ourselves from the critical decision making team.

Finally, the 'coming here taking our jobs' argument. The Office for National Statistics announced an official review of migration figures amid concerns that Britain is becoming swamped by Europeans coming to our shores.
According to official figures, our population has been swelled by 1 million EU migrants but Brits leaving in the opposite direction and moving to Europe is calculated at 2.2 million, so the freedom of movement has actually had a net reduction of 1.2 million people.

I do believe that the IN campaign have to up their game because the OUT guys will surely get their act together at some point, possibly.


Keep Life Simple said...

So all your arguments evolve around economics?

Falling on a bruise said...

I can only reply to the arguments made to me, if that is where they decided the fight is to be made then not only are they on a loser but it shows how shallow their argument is to leave.

Keep Life Simple said...

I thought the economic arguments were your retort

Falling on a bruise said...

It was, to their arguments made to me at that time.

Keep Life Simple said...

Not really my business and I don't really care. I would be an exiter