Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Bunny v Jesus

In our busy lives we don't often get the chance to sit down and reflect on the true meaning of Easter or the sacrifice of someone who gave their all for us.
Who? Don't be silly, it's the Easter Bunny. 
With the possible exception of Santa Claus himself, there is not a busier mammal on the face of the earth than the Easter Bunny. Once a year he hops into the home of hundreds of millions of boys and girls all over the World, dropping off chocolate eggs.
Despite the obvious similarities of their jobs, the Easter Bunny has always seemed a bit of a poor relation to Santa who has songs sung and films made about him. The only rabbit based film was Watership down and there wasn't a chocolate egg in sight and i have yet to hear a song asking if Africans know its Eastertime at all.
I have noticed over recent years that as they have already lost Christmas to Santa, the Church have tried to muscle in on the Easter holiday and replacing happy story of rabbits hiding chocolate eggs by Jesus being nailed to a plank of wood and dying for our sins before rising up from the grave Walking Dead style.
I for one think the Ned Flanders crowd are on a loser because when it comes to Christ dying for our sins or a large Easter bunny bringing chocolate, the make believe rabbit will beat the make believe 28 Days Later extra everytime.

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