Friday, 25 March 2016

Next Meat Scandal Moves Closer

It is a sad fact that when they think nobody is looking, companies will try to get away with anything they can and sometimes they try it even when they are being watched so when a Government decides to pull back from regulating something, you know what will happen, we are still suffering the austerity of when the foot was eased on bank regulation.
Now the Conservatives in their wisdom are planning to repeal an array of official guidance on animal welfare standards, in effect leaving the meat and poultry industry to regulate itself.
The RSPCA have voiced concerns over animal welfare once the deregulation kicks in and reminded the Government of the horse meat scandal which happened under the noses of the Government and scrapping government standards risks undermining public confidence in the food we buy.  
This is a disingenuous move from the government in an industry which is regularly caught out disgustingly abusing their position without the releasing of the industries shackles that deregulation will bring.
Deregulation will lead to even more tainted meat, the mistreatment of animals and higher prices and a drop in quality.
Truly the fox guarding the hen-house but as a vegetarian, this could prove to be a huge boost for the meat-free cause and contribute to the meat producers own demise.
The Conservative plans are bad for animals, bad for people, bad for the food industry and bad for the planet and only this pitiful shower of a government could come up with such an awful situation where everybody loses.

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