Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sunday Sunday

Always nice to see the Government defeated and today David Cameron has suffered a defeat over his plans to relax Sunday trading laws, after dozens of his own Party rebelled to leave the government losing by 31 votes.
The rebels argued that the Sunday opening laws should be preserved as 6 hours only in order to 'Keep Sunday Special' and to protect family time for shop workers.
I would say that i was against the original changes to 6 hours and not out of any religious belief, more to protect shop workers who would be 'leant on' to work Sunday's or would have to declare a willing to work Sunday's during the job interview process.
For all those moaning about it being 2016, if you really can't buy what you need in the 6 days preceding  or the 6 hours on a Sunday, then your life/work balance may need a bit of an adjustment.

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