Friday, 25 March 2016

Johnson Speaking Sense At Last

In the midst of the Brexit debate, Donald Trump has come down on the side of the leavers stating that he thinks that Britain will leave Europe.
Trump has weighed in saying he thinks the UK will abandon the EU in the light of 'craziness' over migration.
'I think Britain will separate from the EU' the Republican candidate said, 'I think that maybe it’s time,
especially in light of what’s happened with the craziness that’s going on with migration, with people pouring in from all over the place. I think that Britain will end up separating'. 
The man leading the Brexit campaign, Boris Johnson, was less than impressed with the backing of the man due to contest the Presidency and replied 'I hope Hillary Clinton wins'.
I knew that if we waited long enough Boris would say something that we can all agree with.

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