Thursday, 24 March 2016

Religious Homophobia

In the 21st Century, the thought that anyone can still be homophobic is a strange one but there is a small clique of people that continue to cling to the idea that homosexuality is abnormal or corrupting, the religious.
The arguments used by Christians are simply a smokescreen to hide the underlying prejudice, which is plain old homophobia based on the belief that what the Bible says must take precedence over everything and if the Bible says something is wrong, in their eyes it is wrong.
When Copernicus put forward his theory of the Sun being at the centre of the solar system rather than the Earth, he was swiftly described as a heretic and contrary to the teaching of the Bible. Bible-believing Christians today continue to resist scientific consensus about the origins and age of the earth and universe.
They also continue to hold out against evolutionary theory despite overwhelming evidence and even still argue that our first ancestors were Adam and Eve.
To the Church going, the Bible is the first and final authority, which must always take precedence and it is this prejudice which explains why some Christians are so opposed to same sex-marriage and seek to deny them the same basic rights as the rest of us.
Sex marriage involves sexual activity which the Bible describes as abominable or abhorrent so they make claims that homosexuality is an affront to their God and a life-style choice, or a sickness which can be healed.
While most of us have happily shed those earlier held beliefs regarding evolution or Earth being at the centre of everything, the religious seem unable to re-think the part in the Bible that makes them uncomfortable about same sex marriage.
Maybe one day it will go the same way but as the last bastion of unashamed homophobia, we can only hope that it comes sooner rather than later and less emphasis is put on what people do in the bedroom because of an outdated and increasingly irrelevant ancient text.


Keep Life Simple said...

I don't care what they do in their bedroom. I care when I have to see it grocery shopping, and on every tv show, and at work, etc

Falling on a bruise said...

Why should two people showing affection to each other alarm you so much? What causes so much prejudice against them rather than just be happy that two people are in love?

Keep Life Simple said...

Why not?