Sunday, 13 March 2016

Gun Toting Toddlers v Terrorists

Someone once pointed out that Florida looks like Americas penis which to be fair, it does, so it is off to the shlong shaped state that we go for the latest in along line of 'Great American Gun Ooops'.
Jamie Gilt is a big gun fan, she is such a fan that she has been taken her 4 year old child to gun safety lessons and regularly posts on facebook in response to gun ownership that: 'All of ours [her children] know how to shoot one. Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22'.
Sure enough, she has now been shot by the same 4 year old who was so jacked when he found the handgun in the back seat of mummies car that he shot her in the back with it.
To add insult to gunshot injury, Gilt now faces charges of negligence for allowing her child to get to the weapon.
In a land where there are so many guns and so few laws regulating them, there will always be monumentally thick people leaving guns hanging around to cause accidents.
In 2015, 21 toddlers killed themselves or others with guns while 19 Americans died at the hands of suspected Islamic terrorists.
Not sure if Jamie will still be such an advocate of guns after her surgery and court case but it seems that you are more likely to be killed by your child in the gun-nut USA than killed by a terrorist.


Keep Life Simple said...
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Falling on a bruise said...

At the very least she won't be leaving guns hanging around anymore.

Keep Life Simple said...
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