Thursday, 10 March 2016

Human Rights & Human Wrongs

China may be the up and coming groovy country and America slipping into debt soaked decline but the two still continue to spar with the Americans stepping up first at the UN Human Rights Council and criticizing China’s crackdown on human rights and its detentions of lawyers and activists.
With a nod towards China's military aspiration in the South China Sea, the American ambassador described them as 'unacceptable, out of step with the expectations of the international community, and a challenge to the rule-based international order' and cited a 'very worrying pattern' regarding detention of political activists, lawyers and journalists.
China then took their turn at the podium and flagged up Americas own less than white Human Right record including 'prison abuse at Guantanamo prison, rampant gun violence racism and deep-rooted racism'.
The Chinese ambassador concluded with: 'The United States conducts large-scale extra-territorial eavesdropping, uses drones to attack other countries innocent civilians, its troops on foreign soil commit rape and murder of local people. It conducts kidnapping overseas and uses black prisons'.
The transition of power from West to East may not go as smoothly as expected as America won't let go of their superpower status easily while China refuse to be bullied by the old guard.


Keep Life Simple said...

What does gun violence have to do with violating human rights? It is a human right to be able to defend yourself. We used our freedom of choice and votes to accept the consequences of gun ownership as opposed to the Chinese government which tell the people what they can do and not do - by the way they back up no gun ownership rights with an armed military. That is a vote for human rights?

They might be right about Gitmo. If we had killed those enemy combatants in the battlefield we would not need a place to keep them.

We don't intentionally attack innocents. When it does happen it is usually troops that have gone batty and we eventually deal with them.

I'm a little pissed that people of our so called ally (UK) would side with a nation that use a tyrannical governing model, would invade Japan, Taiwan tomorrow if not for the USA and would sit back and watch North Korea destroy the South Korean democracy.

Falling on a bruise said...

They had 2 speeches ready apparently and depending on if the USA crticised them first which speech they went with, they obviously went with the USA is worse then us one.

Keep Life Simple said...

That sounds like the Chinese...