Thursday, 19 October 2017

Rethinking Mugabe's Ambassador Role

Making Tony Blair a peace envoy for the Middle East when he was one of the people who did so much to bring war to it was a previous highpoint for rank stupidity but now the World Health Organisation has rivaled that decision by appointing Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador in light of his commitment to public health.
Obviously nobody in WHO bothered to look up the long record of human rights abuses and it was only after the UK pointed out that in light of the current US and EU sanctions against him his appointment may not be the wiset move that the WHO said they would 'rethink the appointment'.
UN agencies often pick celebrities as ambassadors to draw attention to issues but it's hard to believe that nobody pointed out that Robert Mugabe, who has led Zimbabwe for more than 30 years, was maybe not the man for this particular job.
Recently the UN dropped the superhero Wonder Woman as an ambassador for 'empowering girls and women' after the decision drew widespread criticism and you hope that the person who thought Mugabe was a decent role model isn't involved in the new appointment for women because we could end up with someone like Donald Trump and his grabby hands as Women's ambassador.

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