Friday, 27 October 2017

Halloween Spells

The veil between the worlds is thinnest at Halloween which is the perfect time for taking advantage to cast extra-powerful Love spells and the UK Wiccan Society have offered the following Halloween spells, written to be performed specifically on the one night of the year when the powers that be are just that little bit easier to contact for the lovelorn.
Cancel that dating agency application and delete Tinder from your phone because Wiccan Magic is all you need.   

Future Husband
A girl might divine who her future husband was going to be by taking a lamp and going out on the night of Halloween to a spring of water and peering in she should see the reflection of her future husband.

Future Husband 2
On Halloween Night, sit comfortably in a darkened room. In the light from a single candle, gaze at your own reflection in a mirror. While concentrating on your reflection, comb your hair. An image of your future husband should appear in the glass.

Apple Love Spell
To find out who your future partner in life is going to be, take an apple and peel its skin off in one long piece, saying:

    I pare this apple round and again
    My sweetheart's name to flourish plain
    I fling the pairing o'er my head
    My sweetheart's letter on the ground be read

The peel should then have landed in the shape of your true-love's initial.

Reflection in the mirror
Go into a room at midnight on Halloween and cut an apple into nine slices. You should eat the apple slices in front of a mirror, holding each slice on the point of knife before eating it. As you do this you will see the image of your true love over your left shoulder asking for the final apple slice.

The other end of the yarn
Throw a ball of yarn into a pot of water and hold onto to the other end. As you wind the yarn back up repeat, 'I wind, who holds?' again and again. Before you reach the end of the yarn the name of your love will be whispered in your ear.

Use Perfume To Attract Your LoveSpray your favourite perfume onto a mirror or window. In the mist, write your name, the name of your lover. Wipe the perfume off with a tissue or handkerchief and wear it next to your skin until your wish comes true.

Love Spell
On the day before Halloween, write your love wishes on a piece of paper and sleep with them under your pillow that night. At midnight on Halloween Night, toss the piece of paper into a fire.

Dreaming Of Your Love
On Halloween night, take a Love Letter from your partner, fold it 9 times, pin it together and sleep with it under your pillow. If you dream of silver, glass, castles, gems or water, your love is real. If you dream of flowers, wood, linen or uniforms it means your lover is being deceitful or false.

When dealing with emotions, there can be no guarantee that love spells will be successful. Love spells are powerful and even more so the Halloween ones above and should not be used to force someone to act against their will.
The author of this blog cannot be held responsible for any results of using these spells or any resulting husbands or wives who you thought would be your one true love but turn out to be huge douches.

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