Sunday, 29 October 2017

Can Atheists Believe in Ghosts?

Dashing through emails i received one regarding my Halloween posts that i have been posting on the blog this week which simply stated as an Atheist i shouldn't believe in ghosts and spirits.
I replied that my Atheist credentials are still intact as i still don't believe in ghosts and the Halloween posts were just a fun thing.
I did wonder though if you could be an Atheist and believe in ghosts because if you refuse to believe in God, then you must also deny the existence of an afterlife and therefore lingering souls, spirits and certainly not the Devil or his demons.
Done and dusted i then paused while replying to the next email that i was not in need of Viagra and thought, actually, you don't need a belief in God to believe in things that would be categorised as paranormal or supernatural such as Witchcraft.
Satisfied that you could be an atheist and believe in the supernatural, if not Ghosts, i finished my email and was part-way through the next giving my bank details to the ex-Nigerian Treasury Minister so he could transfer £15 million to my account when i stopped to think, actually, Witchcraft has gods and goddesses and things so as an Atheist, spell casting falls under the same grey area as praying to a Deity and as we don't believe in that sort of thing, we can't hold any store in anything Witchy.
It was just as i was finishing my last email to the Halifax Bank who was requesting my account password as there were transactions on my account which had been placed on hold due to security reasons, that i reached the conclusion that you can't be atheist and believe in anything supernatural because all things supernatural depend upon either an afterlife or a Deity.
Happy that i finally got it all straight in my own mind, i set about creating my daily text message to ITV to stop them polluting my front room with Piers Morgan on Breakfast TV when i thought, actually, it seems a bit harsh to tell people what they must or mustn't believe in order to be an atheist just as it is wrong for a Religio to say to a Christian you must believe in this to be a Christian.
Funny thing is, i never believed in any of it anyway so it was all academic and with that i went off to call back the nice man from HMRC who offered to tell the police not to arrest me for tax evasion if i pay the £1500 tax i owe over the phone in the next hour, now where did i put that debit card!!


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Proof you mean?

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