Sunday, 1 October 2017

Day Of Violence In Catalonia

'No referendum has been held in Catalonia today" said Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, which is strange because i could have sworn i have just seen on the news over 850 voters hospitalised by police as they tried to vote in it.
I must have imagined those baton charges and rubber bullets being fired or maybe the Spanish PM was just being satirical as he later said that 'democracy had prevailed' and praised the police for behaving 'in a professional manner'.
The British foreign ministry was among many European nations who backed the Spanish Government as they wanted to see: 'the Spanish constitution respected and the rule of law upheld' while the French said the Spanish were a friendly nation which must make you wonder how beating people over the head and shooting at them is considered a chummy thing to do.
The irony is the polls had the number of Catalonians who wanted to break away from Spain was 41% so if they had done nothing then they would have easily won the referendum but in a spectacular own goal after the brutal scenes of police violence today that number would have jumped to an overwhelming majority.
Armed police beating the hell out of unarmed civilians trying to vote is not the way to win friends and the EU or whoever has the power must now call for the head of Mr Rajoy before the Catalonians retaliate with weapons of their own and things really get out of control.

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