Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Bush Snr The Latest Pervy President

If you begin a sentence with a famous American President who abused his power to sexually assault women you would immediately think Lucy is ragging on Donald Trump again, older readers may thing Bill Clinton and that blue dress while even older readers may consider John F Kennedy but the man in the spotlight now is George H Bush who today was named as making a grab for an actress at
an award ceremony.
As he issued an apology the odds are that he did 'grab her from behind' and make lewd comments to her as she claims but Bush Snr joins a long list of perverted American Presidents.
Grover Cleveland was rumoured to have raped a woman and everybody knows about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski and their game of hide the cigar and how difficult it can be to remove certain stains from blue fabric.
John F Kennedy supposedly spent most of his short Presidency trying to get into any female within 100 feet of him and LBJ, according to Robert Caro's biography, enjoyed nothing more than whipping out his penis and proudly asking 'Have you ever seen anything as big as this?'
Thomas Jefferson fathered a brood of children with his mistress Sally Hemmings, a slave who was also his wifes half-sister so therefore making her his sister-in-law and according to White House staff, Gerald Ford and JFK shared sexual relations with the same woman, Ellen Rometsch.
Andrew Jackson invited a group of prostitutes to his Christmas Ball and James Garfied would punish himself everytime he caved in to his depraved 'lust and sexual temptation' although no explanation is forthcoming of what these entailed.
Bush Jnr was accused of rape and was said to have been 'close' to a stripper and Warren G. Harding
had a 15 year affair with the wife of a friend, Dwight D. Eisenhower was having it away with his female driver, Franklin D. Roosevelt was at it with his secretary.
Now self-confessed sex offender Donald Trump is in the Oval Office it would appear he is just continuing the line of perverted Presidents who couldn't keep their hands, or in Bills case their cigars, to themselves.

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