Sunday, 8 October 2017

Science Says Drink Coffee And Live Longer

If some people had their way latte, mars bars, 20 John Player Specials and alcohol would be banned but science has shown that caffeine prevents the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's, chocolate helps control blood pressure, cigarettes shortens reaction time and improves short term memory and drinking beer reduces the risk of kidney stones but you don't see posters for those at the doctors surgery.
Now science has come good again in the fight against things that are said to be bad for you with coffee now being nudged to the 'good' side.
While it could legitimately be said that a single cup of coffee caused the death of tens of millions of people, a ten year study has found that people who drink coffee live longer.
The study looked at 20,000 people living in the Mediterranean who drank at least four cups of coffee every day over a ten year period and during the ten years, 337 died.
They found that, compared to people who never or rarely touched the brown stuff, dedicated coffee drinkers had a 64% lower risk of dying early.
They worked out that drinking two additional cups of coffee a day was associated with a 22% lower risk of death.
And the longevity benefits of coffee were found to be the strongest for people over the age of 45, suggesting coffee might be even more beneficial for us as we age.
The findings coincide with another study from 2015, which found that those who drank up to four coffees a day had a lower risk of death, including decaf coffee.
Other studies have also linked coffee with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes and healthy livers.
So get the kettle on, grab the Mellow Birds and live longer.

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