Monday, 2 October 2017

End Of The Line For May

In any other employment you would feel sorry for Theresa May but sympathy runs short for a party that has heaped so much harm and deprivation onto its citizens so the sympathy doesn't last that long. 
Without doubt, watching Theresa May at the Conservative Party conference, she looks haggard, tired and older than her 61 years as she fights fires on so many fronts.
It is reported after her election debacle which saw her majority sliced, she had a mini-breakdown and the Grenfell fire followed by battles with the junior doctors and the surge in support for the Labour Party along with her war with her own public servants has seen her grimacing and fidgeting through uncomfortable interviews.
Now her own Conservative colleagues are manoeuvring to stab her in the back and replace her so her current position is anything but safe so you do wonder just why she continues to do it when she obviously is not able to do so.
As much as i enjoy watching the Tories squirm and implode in their desperation to cling onto power, you have to look at those forming the queue, knife in hand, ready to push her aside. 
Boris Johnson is a laughing stock, Rees Mogg the devout Roman Catholic and Doctor Fox who is this generations Norman Tebbit which could be the reason why she clings on and why nobody has yet moved against her because if she is replaced they will be under massive pressure to hold another election and with a resurgent Jeremy Corbyn and Labour OParty, they really don't want one.
Despite her dead eyed look and body language of a manic depressive, it seems it suits the Conservatives to leave her with the zero credibility, zero personality and zero vision or policies in power for now.
As she looks so close to the end of her rope, the smart money is on her resignation and a new general election within the next six months.

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