Monday, 18 December 2017

Hope They Kept The Receipt

The Russians called our new £3.1 billion warship a nice big target but they won't have to bother sinking it themselves, they just need to leave it a while and it slip beneath the waves itself because the month old ship has a huge leak.
Admiral Chris Parry said that the leak was 'no big deal' which makes you wonder how he got promoted to his lofty position when he doesn't consider it a problem that your ship is slowly sinking as the sea is coming in or maybe i have completely failed to understand the concept of how ships work.
'Britain can be proud of this ship and what it represents' said the Prime Minister when it was launched a month ago and what it represents is a colossal waste of our money but that's the problem with right wing ideology, it's all fine until you run out of other peoples money and then you have to take it from the poorest but what's a few more trips to the food bank when we got a nice big ship worth billions slowly sinking into Portsmouth harbour.

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