Wednesday, 27 December 2017

2018 Same As 2017

We could go through the pretence of trying to work out who has been the biggest bell-end of the year but we all know Donald Trump is going to win it on almost everybodies list, i have already seen or read him receive three 'dick of the years' so seems a bit pointless really.
In truth, the tiny handed, orange faced sex pest is deserving of every brick-bat that falls on his strangely coiffured head but i would say the American's that still support him even after all his dick-headery are just as bad if not worse, he seems unable to help himself being the World's biggest tosser, they see him doing it and still cheer him so the lot of them are bell-ends.
If we remove one fat serial molester of women from the contest then we still have another in the shape of Harvey Weinstein who faces over 50 sexual harassment, assault and rape allegations against him.
In the UK the list of Conservative politician losers is a long one from Theresa May and her lurching from one disaster to another to Boris Johnson who hasn't lost that knack of everything he touches turning to shit and the sticky keyboard of Damian Green and his sacking following lying about the stash of porn found on his work computer.
Kim Jung Un was, is still, and will always be a knob as will Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudi's who are not content with killing innocent Yemen civilians, now want to do the same thing in Iran also.
In all 2017 has been the year of the dickhead and we do seem to have more than our fair share of idiot leaders at the moment with idiot policies and making idiot decisions and it is disheartening to consider that most of them will still be in place through next year so 2018 should be just as deplorable as 2017 has been.

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