Friday, 22 December 2017

Another Angel Gets It's Wings

Joseph and Clarence are looking down at a scene of a man who has stopped by the railings at the centre of a bridge, the snow is falling hard as the desolate man stares down at the water, desperate, trying to make up his mind to act. He leans over looking at the water, fascinated, glances furtively around him, hunches himself as though about to jump.
Looks like we'll have to send someone down again' says Joseph, 'a lot of people are asking for our help'.
'Isn't that Donald Trump?' asked Clarence.
'Yes, tonight's his crucial night. We'll have to send you down immediately and if you do the right thing with Donald Trump then you will get your wings'.
The man clambers up onto the top of the icy frame and closes his eyes when a voice behind him says: 'Good Evening'.
Donald gasps and turns sharply to see an Angel stood in the snow behind him.
'Don't try and save me, i'm going to jump' cries Donald and the Angel shakes his head, shrugs and says 'Don't worry, i won't'.
'If you jump in i won't leap in to save you either' warns Donald, desperately clinging to the bridge support as the cold wind whips snow around him.
'Fine' says Clarence, 'i promise not to jump in'.
Donald looks at him surprised 'You what? Haven't you been sent to try and save me?'
Clarence shakes his head.
'Hey, your supposed to show me what the World would be like if i never lived'.
'Hmmm, this isn't going to be so easy. So you still think jumping off this bridge would make everyone feel happier, eh?
'Well i did but thinking about it, i don't know. I suppose it might be better if i'd just never been born at all'.
'Nope, your right, you've got your wish' said Clarence.
'You mean you'll make it that i had never been born. No worries? No £21 trillion debt? No prison for collusion with the Russians? No war with North Korea or being hated and ridiculed by every other World leader?' said Donald eagerly.
'Nah' said Clarence, 'you were right first time, this will make so many more people happy' and with a great leap forward pushed Trump off the Bridge.                                   
On a Christmas tree somewhere a little silver bell swings to and fro with a silvery tinkle and a small child closes the cover of the book she had been reading and points to the bell.
Meanwhile, up above a small star twinkles brightly as Clarence, Angel Second Class, is handed his wings for a job well done.

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