Thursday, 21 December 2017

Sticky Fingered Damian Green Bites The Dust

It wasn't the stash of porn that was found on Damian Green's work computer that saw him lose his job, rather the lies he told to desperately try and cover it up which breached the ministerial code.
Despite the Tories and their supporters trying to make out that the Police are at fault for releasing the information into the public domain, Green's dismissal makes it three Tories cabinet members who have been kicked out the Exit door in the past six weeks.
Amusingly Green's downfall goes back to 2008 when the Conservative Party leaked information regarding the Labour Party which led to a police investigation which discovered the pornographic material on Green's House of Commons computer.
The clatter of petards being hoisted must have been deafening as was the response to Green's resignation letter which didn't really explain why he said he had no knowledge of the porn on the computer only to remember that actually, he was told about it at the time and again in 2013. Oopsie.
Obviously you should trust a Conservative MP as far as you could hurl a piano at the best of times but at the rate she is losing them, Theresa May will run out of MP's to promote to the cabinet soon.
The sticky fingered MP has now set a precedent as lying is now an instantly sackable offence even if missing the Commons to flog your log in the office to Debbie Does Dallas isn't.

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