Friday, 1 December 2017

Not Fearing The Fascists

While it may be true that not all right wingers are fascists, all the fascists are on the right wing and it is a small hop, skip and goose-step to go from fascist to NAZI and that's Godwin's Law tripped in the first sentence so well done me!
Emboldened by a far right US President who is not only backed by racists but seemingly determined to defend them hence the way it takes him 0.05 seconds to start a twitter feud with any Hollywood actor who points out what an arse he is but two days to not condemn actual Nazis marching on U.S. soil and driving their cars into crowds.
He's probably not actively sieg heiling his way about the Oval Office but you could be mistaken that with the rise of the far-right fascists, it’s only too easy to imagine that we’re witnessing a repeat of the 1930s, having completely failed to learn from history which shows what colossal dicks that side of the politically right proved to be.
It is fair to lump all the far-right under the same swastika but there are consequences to goose-stepping to the tune of the bad guys of WWII, members of the BNP have found themselves sacked after being exposed as being a card-carrying fascist and a chorus of global condemnation follows anytime the supporters of a certain Austrian art school dropout bravely show their covered faces
in public.
The 1930 NAZI's had the advantage of nobody knew just what a bunch of murderous tossers they were but nobody has that excuse today and you should question why, knowing what we know today, why anyone with at least one working brain-cell would want to be associated with them but despite the recent rise in the profile of fascism, i wouldn't fear a revival because Hitler wrote a book that started his ball rolling and looking at the today's right wingers wanting to smash people into equality demanding mush you wouldn't trust them to hold it the right way round let along write one.


Liber said...
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Falling on a bruise said...

When you see socialist leaders giving backing to far left extreme movements then i look forward to your post, until then it's all about the right wing leaders giving legitimacy to far right groups.

Liber said...
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