Wednesday, 20 December 2017

War & Conflict Good For UK Economy

I'm still hopeful that Brexit won't happen, hopefully someone will point out that it is madness and put a stop to it especially as we are gradually floating towards exactly what we have now only without a seat at the table writing the EU rules.
Still, the pretence that we will once again become a World Player has to be maintained and that's why we have the new 'Department for International Trade', set up by Theresa May which has prioritised arms sales for Britain’s post-Brexit industrial policy.
Britain’s exports of guns, planes and bombs has seen a sharp spike in sales recently with buyers of our weapons including Saudi Arabia Headed by Liam Fox, the DIT states that selling arms to our allies saves lives and improves global security as well as a huge boon for the economy, tax revenue and employment in this country.
That the Saudi's have been using weapons purchased by the UK to 'target civilians' as condemned by the UN who said that almost a third of more than 15,000 air raids in Yemen have targeted non-military sites including hospitals, schools, food storage sites, ports, hotels, centres for the blind and funerals.
The UK selling arms to oppressive regimes is not a new thing though, between 2005 and 2009 we sold £105m worth of arms to Libya and Colonel Gaddafi while many of the arms we sold to Egypt, Bahrain and Iraq ended up in the hands of ISIS and Al Queada.
The UK, and other arms sellers, are obviously quite happy to see war, chaos and conflict in the Middle East as it causes a need for more arms and there we are ready to hand it to them and say so what if a few more thousand innocent bodies pile up in Yemen, the UK badly needs the extra cash.


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It was 'The Yemen Data Project' who apparently are: a not-for-profit project and is contributed to by international and national security, human rights, humanitarian, and academic experts.

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