Saturday, 10 February 2018

Climate Change And Sport

Interesting observation that of the previous Winter Olympic venues, only six will still be cold enough to qualify as hosts again due to Climate Change but a sport even more in danger is golf which is being swallowed up by rising tides and coastal erosion.
Scotland is home to several Golf courses and the North Sea is encroaching at a rate of a couple of metres per year which led to the Trump contradiction of questioning Climate Change at home but citing it on the planning application as the reason to to build large sea defences at his golf course.
'As the sea rises, and the coast falls away, we’re left with nowhere to go' says St Andrew’s financial director Chris Curnin, adding 'Climate change is often seen as tomorrow’s problem, but it’s already eating away at our course'.
The erosion of Golf Courses is just one case in the Leeds University report into the impact of climate change on sport in Britain with virtually no outdoor sport being safe from the pass 200 years of human idiocy.
Cricket, more sensitivity to climate than most sports, is particularly vulnerable and football stadiums should be fine but it is further down the leagues that the problems will occur with flooding and increased rainfall having the potential to decimate grassroots football everywhere.
Almost every outdoor sport will be effected so the solution will be for those that can move indoors or under s roof will, those that can't such as golf will watch on as their game crumbles into the sea, another victim of continuously belching massive clouds of pollution up into the sky.

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