Sunday, 18 February 2018

Why Are We Not Using More Solar Power?

I once made a suggestion to a Councillor regarding installing streetlamps with a solar panel on the top so it charged up during the day and lit up at dusk with no drain on the electric grid.
This was rejected at the time as solar panels and British sunshine was unreliable but twenty years on and with solar panels now more reliable and only needing daylight not direct sunlight to operate, it may be worth revisiting as the UK has approximately 6 million streetlights drawing from the electric grid and costing councils millions in a time of spiralling energy costs and squeezed budgets.
As we are looking at things Solar powered, the UK has 262,300 miles of road and by definition is laying there outside in daylight from dusk to dawn and while we can't replace all the tarmac with solar panels as the price would be exorbitant, why can't we run a strip of solar panels down the centre of each road?
262,300 miles of solar panels contributing into the electric grid would make a massive dent in the amount the nation would need to generate or buy and after the initial cost of installation, it would significantly reduce energy costs. 
Solar power is the future especially in terms of climate change and cost and we are bathed in a constant and permanent source of solar energy and the means to convert it into electricity for our use and it seems scandalous that we are not using it to at least partially reduce our reliance on dirtier and more expensive means of making electricity.


Keep Life Simple said...

when it was last pushed hard in the US it turned out that manufacturing solar receptors had severe environmental impact - one group of tree-huggers for it, another group of tree-huggers against it.

you also have to rewire your house/building to use 12 volt wiring, 12 volt lights, 12 volt appliances, etc. It was very costly, and you still need another source of power for cooking, heating/cooling. the pay back period is something like 15 years and that is in the western half of texas where we get 330 days of sunshine. we also have longer days than northern locales (like the UK).

Falling on a bruise said...

It was pushed away here also as too expensive and the technology not good enough but it's cheaper and the technology but its now cheaper and works better so it should be looked at again.

Keep Life Simple said...

Wind power is iffy too. Killing lots and lots of birds. Not to good for the landscape either.

Falling on a bruise said...

Wind, wave, solar, its criminal that we have these permanent sources but instead continue to use methods which pollute our environment.

Keep Life Simple said...

no, that is not criminal. the left are weird.

Falling on a bruise said...

It's a saying. The police are not literally involved.

Keep Life Simple said...

oh, i got what you meant. the left typically use extreme words and they misuse words to manipulate situations.


NPR when the republicans are the minority "the republicans are ATTACKING every bill to OBSTRUCT the democrats who are in majority by using loopholes and obscure procedures".

Then, 3 months later, when control of the House flipped and the democrats are using the same tactics that the republicans were using... NPR says "the democrats are using every procedure possible and are utilizing clever methods to insure the republicans consider the needs of all American's".

nice, neutral media in America, but typical abuse of language of the left. the republicans were not ATTACKING the bills, and they were insuring the democrats were representing all American's, they were not OBSTRUCTING.

My favorite is when Democrats say "Americans want gun control". What they mean is the 30% that voted for them want gun control.