Thursday, 15 February 2018

Hate To Say We Told You So

February 15 2003, I and a million of my pals marched through Central London protesting against the impending Iraq war.
It wasn't just in Britain that demonstrations were held but simultaneous protests were held around the world, tens of millions of us marching in every continent against the Blair/Bush plans for war.
Speaker after speaker in Hyde Park took to the stage to decry a war that would set off a spiral of conflict that would fuel further wars and conflict and bring the misery of terrorism to our shores for generations.
How frighteningly right they were as the havoc wreaked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria opened a tinderbox that leads straight to the Blair and Bush door.
That they are free to go about their business today is a travesty but the truly sad thing is that if the chance come up again, and Iran is being manoeuvred into out sights, the British and Americans who have done so much to wreck the Middle East, would do the same again if the opportunity arose no matter how many of us marched against it.

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