Friday, 16 February 2018

Germans At The Centre Of The Earth

When Jules Verne wrote his book 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' i doubt if he thought 150 years later there would be people stupid enough to use it as a manual but as we know, some people's stupidity knows no bounds so a slowly growing conspiracy is that the Frenchman was actually right and the earth is hollow.
Yep, there's a hollow Earth conspiracy theory that makes even the Flat Earthers seem less ridiculous.
The theory is that a race of alien humans, Vikings and Nazis are living in paradise in the centre of our planet and they got there through one of the three entrances into the inner Earth, two near the poles, and one located somewhere in the Himalayas.
According to the theory, these assorted Vikings and Nazi's have given up their evil ways and are now guardians of the planet, using spacecrafts and flying saucers to keep an eye on us crust dwellers and stop us from starting a nuclear war.
It's not just the Earth that's hollow though, the Moon, Sun, Stars and other Planets are all hollow as well although we don't know if they are full of Germans and Norwegians as well or if that is just us.
Obviously the place with the hole is in the heads of the peoples who believe it but who doesn't love yet another completely barking conspiracy theory.

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