Saturday, 3 February 2018

Food, Glorious Food (Which Can Kill You)

The saying is that you can never get too much of a good thing but try saying that to someone who has just eaten 1,800 cups of rice because they would be too busy dying to hear you because that's how much rice you will need to eat in one sitting to kill you.  
Scientists at ASPScience have crunched the numbers and have compiled a list of just how much of something is enough to actually bring your living to an abrupt end.
You may want to stop at that 24th Green Potato because 25 is the number to have you turning up your toes and you would need to have a massive fruit bowl to hold the 11,000 Oranges you would need to eat to die from a fatal Vitamin C Overdose.
Cherry Pips are deadly but only if you eat 588 of them so far more achievable is the 100 apple pips or the 480 bananas you would need to digest to get 'death from fruit' on your death certificate.
Tuna is so full of Mercury that 4 tins of the fish in one sitting would bring down the curtain early as would 80 cups of coffee, 6 litres of water, 40 energy drinks or 13 shots of alcohol.
You would need to like your tea sweet to be able to handle 6 cups of sugar in it but it would be your last as would the 40 bars of chocolate or the 29 tablespoons of pepper, 48 tablespoons of seasoning or 47 teaspoons of Salt.
Just to round it out if you somehow accidentally ate 24 tubes of Toothpaste you would have lovely smelling breath for the funeral director and we all know that cigarettes are bad for your health if you smoke them but if you decide to eat them instead, keep to munching under 5 a day (or half a cigar) if you want to stay alive.
Stay healthy and while an apple a day may keep the doctor away, eating 100 of the cores won't keep away the undertaker.

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