Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mobiles Going The Way Of PC's

Strategy Analytics have said that the global market for mobile phones has gone down by 8.8% from last year and while waiting in a mobile phone shop the other day i can possibly see why.
In front and behind me was walls of phones from all companies and apart from the size of the screens, they were all shiny, black rectangles.  
I assumed the difference is the technology inside but the salesman trying his hardest with little success to get me to extend my warranty (it's guaranteed for 2 years, if it breaks i bring it in here, in 2 years i will be ready for a new one so why would i need an extra warranty i argued) admitted in not so many words that apart from the very expensive, top of the range models and the very cheap,
bottom of the range models, the most popular mid-range models have very little to choose between them.
The technology seems to have plateaued and all the makers now seem to have fallen onto the standard black rectangle look apart from the cheapy flip phones and the odd Blackberry breaking up the selection.
You can have some slightly thinner than others, some that are larger and they come in different colours and the operating system is either iOS or Android (Blackberry and Windows have fallen by the wayside) but with nothing to make one stand out above the others, the mobile phone market has stalled with owners not feeling the need to update for new and improved innovations because if there are any, they are so minor that it just isn't worth upgrading.   
The same thing happened with PCs, after some major leaps in technology, the difference became were so small that as long as it did what it was meant to, you stayed with the beige box on your desk you had as people are staying with the black rectangle they currently hold.

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