Thursday, 8 February 2018

Snowless Winter Olympics

I do like to watch the Winter Olympics although being held in South Korea and they are nine hours in front of the UK i will only be able to see a few minutes while i am charging around with my cornflakes in the morning and the highlights package in the evening.
The average temperature in Pyeongchang is 0C with temperatures at night getting down to around -10C but due to the unreliability of snow, the snow cannons are on standby to make some of the white stuff if needed but this is becoming a common theme as due to global warming and the steady rise in temperatures, it's becoming harder and harder for hosting nations to provide enough
quality snow needed for athletes to perform.
Snow cannons were in action in 2014 at Sochi in Russia and in 2010 at the Vancouver Winter Olympics they had to fly in snow via helicopter. 
Researchers predict that by 2080, only six of the previous Winter Olympic venues will still be cold enough to qualify as hosts again but holding the Winter Olympics in a place that might not have any snow might prove to be a plus for us Brits.

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