Sunday, 18 February 2018

Classic Songs Not As Original As I Thought

We’ve all been there. We hear a new song and believe that it came straight from the mind of the artist, expressing their innermost emotions and feelings. Every chord progression and lyric perfectly honed over hours of practise and then we find out that the song is the innermost emotions of someone else as the song is a cover version.
This has happens quite often, i at first refused to believe that The Clash's 'I Fought The Law' was actually a cover version of a 1959 song by Buddy Holly's backing group but listening to BBC Radio 5's Virtual Jukebox show about cover songs i was quite shocked to find out so many songs that i didn't know where covers.
Amongst the more eyebrow raising where Soft Cell's Tainted Love from 1981 which was originally by Gloria Jones in 1964, Joan Jett may have loved Rock N Roll but The Arrows loved it first in 1975 and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun according to Cyndi Lauper but they also did in 1973 when the original song was sung by Robert Hazard.
George Harrison's I've Got My Mind Set On You was first performed by James Ray in 1962 and The Animals House Of The Rising Sun was from 1934 and Tom Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster.
Aretha Franklin may have got more Respect if the song wasn't just a cover of Otis Redding's song from two years earlier and no surprise Bjork wanted it Oh so quiet, maybe she didn't want anyone to know her biggest hit was a cover of Betty Hutton's 1951 song.
Aswad said ‘Don’t Turn Around’ but that was because if you did you may have seen Tina Turner singing it in 1986 and the Mama's and Papa's were California Dreaming only after Barry McGire dreamt about it first.
UB40's Red Red Wine was much more colourful in 1968 when Neil Diamond first sang about it Harry Nilsson may not have been able to Live if living is without you but the Badfinger sang the same thing in 1970 and they are still living, i think.
All quite eye opening but Blondie were prolific cover versioners with The Nerves Hanging on the Telephone before Debbie Harry hung on it and the Tide Was High in 1980 but it was high also in 1966 when The Paragons originally performed the song.
The one song that got me though was my favourite Blondie Song, Denis, which is now my favourite Randy and The Rainbows song although i'm sure that when they performed it in 1963 they weren't dressed in as stripey swimming costume.

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