Sunday, 11 February 2018

Inappropriate Olympic Sponsors

Hard to believe that at the 1964 Japanese Olympics, one of the partners was a cigarette brand who cannily called their cigarettes Olympia.
It’s unbelievable now to think that cigarettes were marketed at the Words greatest sports event although cigarettes sponsorship has been banned since 1988, future generations will no doubt look back at the sponsorship of South Korea’s Olympic games by the likes of Coca-Cola and McDonald's with similar incredulity.
What is almost guaranteed is that none of the 3,000 world’s best athletes taking to the slopes, rinks, and half pipes in Pyeongchang will have either of these as part of their training diet.
It is hard to avoid the names of these sponsors who are the very companies that provide the products that could be the biggest obstacle to anyone becoming an Olympian.
The World Health Organisation report that 39% of the world’s population is classified as overweight and 13% are obese and linking athletes who have honed their bodies and mind to as close to perfection as possible with products that are driving obesity should be seen as staggeringly inappropriate as cigarettes at a sporting events are to us now.

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