Friday, 9 February 2018

North Korea Winning Olympic PR War

A lovely piece of mischief making at the Winter Olympics by seating the US and North Korea within spitting distance of each other.
There was Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo-jong having a whale of a time while Mike Pence and his wife sat there with a face like a slapped arse looking like they would rather be anywhere else but sat infront of the Representative of the country his boss said he would mass murder only a few weeks ago.
You hope Kim Yo-jong spent the whole three hours of the ceremony kicking the back of Pence's chair and making remarks in broken English about mentally deranged doltards but it seemed she was enjoying herself too much to worry about the couple infront who made their excuses to avoided the official meal to avoid bumping into her.
North Korea has played a blinder over the past few weeks with their reconcilatory tone and sending the North Koreans to join up with the South Korean hockey team although how the South Koreans dropped to accommodate them may not be so happy about it.
SO North Korea made America look like a miserable old curmudgeon and even more so when the North Korean and South Koreans came out holding a unified Korea Flag to which everyone went wild except the Pence's who refused to join in the celebrations, much more at home making threats to annihilate nations rather than celebrate when they come together.
They really should have sent Trump, he wouldn't have woosed out on the dinner just because he didn't like the company because by looking at his waistline he has never missed a dinner in his life.
I'm sure the fat tyrant with strange hair will start throwing around insults and threatening nuclear war again soon enough and so will Kim Jung-Un but until then the Gold Medal for Public Relations goes to North Korea.

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