Wednesday, 27 June 2018

For You, Fritz, Ze World Cup Is Over

I once made a joke here that us British have a word for taking pleasure at another persons misfortune, schadenfreude, and how Germany must wish they had such a word in their language but i got angry comments from German speaking members of the pedantic society who wouldn't know a joke if it sat on them so i won't make that mistake again especially as the Germans will not be in the best mood considering their team has just got dinked out of the World Cup.
Yep, the Winners of the last Football Fiesta are packing up their lederhosen and should be back in Berlin in time for Schnitzel and chips for supper.
As i said before, the Footballing Gods seemed to have decreed that it will be England who toddle away with the World Cup Trophy this time around, an easy qualifying group, an equally straight forward first round group stage and now with Germany out, the team we were penciled in to meet at the Quarter Final stage, it makes England’s path to glory even more inevitable. 
As there is a chance Brazil will park their carnival float in our path before the Final, all we need is for them to be knocked out by Serbia tonight and we won't have to face Neymar falling over theatrically everytime someone breathes near him.
For 90 minutes tonight, every English man, woman and child will be a honorary Serbian and looking up the Serbian for 'JUST HACK THE FECKING THING CLEAR!!'

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