Saturday, 16 June 2018

VAR Not Good For Football

I wasn't a fan of Goal Line Technology (GLT) when it came in and i am certainly not a fan of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) either, i'm all for leaving it down to the referee and linesman to decide whether the ball crossed the line or the striker was fouled or dived.
My teams have been on the end of so many dubious decisions for and against them and the debates about it afterwards are part of the game and i like that and as we are finding out, even with VAR the decisions are just as debatable only we have to stop the game to discover it or as happened today, stop the game minutes after the incident.
Now, we have to wait for the pantomime of the review process to be played out and there were a couple of wrong calls today despite VAR.
As it seems VAR is going to become part of the game, it needs to be tweaked so either the referee can request it if he is unsure or his line of sight was blocked or give each manager two challenges per match because as it stands, with each big decision being reviewed as par for the course, the matches are going to be disrupted far too much and change the game we love, dodgy refereeing decisions and all.

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