Saturday, 16 June 2018

Philip Fisher: Body Shamer

For someone who is supposed to be reviewing an actresses acting skills, the British Theatre Guide's Philip Fisher does seem to have a liking for reviewing their body shapes also, twice criticising Nicola Coughlan who is currently starring in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie as 'an overweight little girl' and previously calling her 'a fat girl'.
Coughlan replied to the review by tweeting: 'My weight has no relevance to either the performance I gave in that or in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie' which is true as the lack of hair doesn't stop Mr Fisher from being a bullying, body shaming numbskull.
In his pinstripe suit, dreadful tie and the smug smile you would be forgiven for thinking that Mr Fisher is an accountant but when he isn't fat-shaming actresses, he IS an accountant and hands out tax advice on AccountingWEB where his columns include the riveting reads 'The accountant’s guide to traditional marketing' and the unmissable 'Taxation of self-funded work-related training' which he describes as: 'One of the most exciting tax-related announcements to emerge from Philip Hammond’s inaugural Spring Statement'.
As Nicola is being berated by someone who finds the taxation of work related training exciting i think it is safe to say the nerdy looking, body-shaming Fisher can be ignored as someone who can only wish he had an ounce of the acting talent Nicola has to be on the boards rather than shamefully sniping from the sidelines.      
Coughlan has since quite rightly banned Mr Fisher from reviewing any show that she is in and asked if she could 'cruelly review' his body and post it online but he has not yet replied although i doubt if he would be so keen to have his own puny physique mauled as he is to review women's bodies.
The British Theatre Guide has apologised to Coughlan, saying: 'While the reviewer may not have intended to offend, he accepts that it is not acceptable to use such descriptions in a review and not BTG policy' which leads us to question if neither Fisher or the BTG think that calling someone 'a fat girl' and 'overweight' is intended to offend, then what do they consider IS offensive?

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