Thursday, 14 June 2018

US And UK Economy Grows The More Yemini's Killed

You don't hear much about the ongoing war in Yemen which is how the West would prefer it considering that we are directly complicit in the carnage being inflicted there.
After three years of conflict, it has been estimated by Amnesty International that out of a population of 27.4 million, 22.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, 17 million are food insecure, 14.8 million lack basic health care, 4.5 million children are suffering malnourishment, while 2.9 million people are internally displaced and the latest death toll is 10,000 with 50,000 injured.
Now the Saudi's have unleashed a massive air, land and sea offensive against the city of Hodeidah, one of the last remaining points of entry of essential humanitarian aid into the beleaguered country.
Amnesty International have condemned the action as: 'Hodeidah's port is crucial to a country that is 80% dependent on imports to meet basic necessities. Cutting off this crucial supply line would further exacerbate what is already the World's worst humanitarian crisis'.
Yemen is being crushed between a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia who have the backing of those hot-spots for international peace, the US and UK who have been busy replenishing the Saudi weaponry, US arms sales to the Kingdom consisting of over 50% of all US arms exports.
The UK arms sales teams have also been busy, selling £4.6bn of weapons to the Saudi's since the conflict started in 2015 alone with Saudi Arabia now the biggest market for UK arms sales.
Tory MP, Andrew Mitchell, has lambasted his own Government for the UK's 'shameful complicity in the suffering of the Yemeni people' but unless more Government members speak up at the awfulness of backing the vile Saudi regime, the UK and US will continue to rely on the Saudi's buying our weapons to kill and injure Yemeni's to plump up our sagging economies.
The more weaponry they deploy to kill Yemini's the more we are there eager to sell them more to replace the ones used and worsen what is already the World's worst humanitarian conflict.

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