Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Scientific Proof Men Are Getting Dumber

Science has asked the question 'Are men getting dumber'? The correct answer is yes, obviously, next question but that would make this post far too short and i get paid by the word so let's try and pad this out a bit.
Scientists believe they have identified a reversal in something called the Flynn effect, where IQs rise by points each generation but for the owners of a Y Chromosome, the men in white coats think that this was only true until the generation born about 1975, coming of age in the 1990s when the next generation of men became dumber by the year.
The Flynn effect refers to the trend of a gradual rise of about three points each decade in average IQs, which has been observed for 70 years but scientists at the Raglar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Norway analysed the IQs of 730,000 men during 1970 and 2009 and found a drop equivalent of seven points per generation.
Stuart Ritchie, a psychologist at the University of Edinburgh, told The Times: "This is the most convincing evidence yet of a reversal of the Flynn effect' so next time you husband, boyfriend, brother of father acts a bit thick, take pity of them because they probably are.

Please note: Any typos or grammatical errors in this post are deliberate and a fiendish ploy to catch out any male readers 

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