Monday, 11 June 2018

Leave Canada Alone

Of all Great Britain's children, Canada is the one we boast about to other nations, the clean cut polite one of our offspring that everyone likes.
America is the one the one we tend not to mention, the noisy troublesome one we try and forget about springing from out empirical womb so when America takes a pop at Canada, there is only one winner and that's the one with the massive leaf on it's flag.
'Canada stabbed us in the back' whined the Americans after Canada had the god damned cheek to not just lay down in face of American tariffs and imposed their own back. 
In a fit of toddler tantrum, and already in a sulk because the others wouldn't let his best friend Russia play with them, Trump pouted and took his communique home so the others couldn't have it.
I'm sure the former CIA director, John O Brennan is right when he says to Americas friends and allies: 'Trump is a temporary aberration' and 'The America you once knew will return' but what is left of America when his boated carcass is dragged from the White House is anybodies guess, the mess George W Bush of Americas reputation took years to clean up, Trump is trashing it for a generation and everybody has Canada's back while lining up to stab knives in this current version of Trumps America.

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