Thursday, 7 June 2018

Trump Offering Kim An Unacceptable Offer

Big hopes for World Peace following the Kim-Trump chinwag next week but when your hopes rely on the two biggest kids in position of power hope is a long stretch.
Of course we hope it all goes well and on June 13th we all wake up to rainbows and lollipops but i have a bad feeling that things are not going to go as we hope.
Nations have long played the game where they meet up, one of them makes unrealistic demands of the other and use that as an excuse to walk away, or make military moves, and blame the other guy.
Israel have done it to the Palestinians for decades, most notably at the peace talks at Camp David where in return for Peace, Israel demanded they keep 80% of their illegal settlements and refugees permanently denied the right to return to their homes, a deal even US president Jimmy Carter commented later: 'There was no possibility that any Palestinian leader could accept' and the
failure was put on on Yasir Arafat for not accepting.
In 1999, the US and Kosovans met with representatives from Yugoslavia and demanded complete independence for Kosovo and allow NATO personnel unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and immunity from all legal process and laws governing any criminal or disciplinary offences which may be committed by Nato personnel.
Deal rejected by the Yugoslavs, who were then painted as the aggressors, paving the way for war.
Already Donald Trump is demanding 'complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation of North Korea' and stating that 'the U.S. will not be lifting sanctions, until North Korea has substantially dismantled its nuclear programs' meaning that the North Koreans will gain nothing in return for this one-sided destruction of their defences, until the process is all but complete.
That Kim has already said that they will not become another Iraq or Libya who were disarmed and then invaded by America, the odds of a deal being brokered is slim to none.
As America has already said it is guaranteeing Mr. Kim’s safety and to make his country rich, you can already hear the inevitable accusations that Trump’s 'generous offer' has been rejected and the United States can move swiftly on to the next phase, safe in the knowledge that the North Koreans have been painted as the ones refusing to accept peace. 
I may be wrong but history shows that making the offer of an unacceptable offer is a tried and trusted ploy of the real aggressors.

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