Sunday, 3 June 2018

Brexit No Deal Armageddon

No deal is better than a bad deal so said Theresa May at the start of the Brexit negotiations but thanks to a leaker at the Home Office, we now know exactly what a no deal would entail, and like Boris Johnson's haircut, it isn't good.
Whitehall officials are reported to have drawn up three different scenarios for a cross-government group preparing for Britain's departure from the EU and the second worst scenario is the UK running short of medicines, food and fuel within two weeks of leaving.
According to the Sunday Times, the worst scenario is titled 'Armageddon' so heaven only knows what they think will happen with that because the second worst scenario is scary enough.
The leaked memo shows the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEUt) expect the port of Dover to collapse on day one, supermarkets in Cornwall and Scotland will run out of food within a couple of days and hospitals will run out of medicines and the country will be starved of petrol within two weeks.
A Whitehall source did little to calm fears by saying that the government has been discussing a range of scenarios and it was something that's been discussed extensively.
The Government have recently revealed plans to section off a 13-mile stretch of the M20 in Kent, which leads to the port of Dover, to hold around 2,000 lorries in the event of severe cross-Channel congestion.
MP's from all parties are now calling for the full paper covering all scenarios to be made public and whether the Government still think no deal is better because if they are planning to carry on with Brexit knowing what will happen and expect pandemonium and chaos, we need to know and put a stop to all this nonsense now before we sleep-walk into Armageddon.

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