Thursday, 7 June 2018

Sweden Channeling It's Inner Odin

In May, Sweden issued a brochure to all it's citizens called 'If Crisis or War Comes' containing advice on how to take shelter, what foods to stock, how to manage water reserves and, most importantly, how to tell propaganda from trustworthy information.
The booklet is designed to prepare the populace in case of all-out war and now they have followed that up with the call up of it's entire 22,000 reservist Home Guard force for exercises.
The Swedish Supreme Military Commander said it was: 'to strengthen Sweden's military defence and improve our operational capabilities' but you do wonder just what Sweden are planning?
Should Norway or Finland start worrying or are they channeling their inner Viking and have their sights set on the raiding the North of England again like last time they got a bit uppity?
We should probably watch those Thor movies just in case.

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