Thursday, 7 June 2018

Computer Say's England Out In The Quarter Finals

At some point in the past England was invaded by the Saxons and the Normans which is enough to allow us to claim French and German heritage when it comes to who to start backing once England get knocked out of the World Cup but according to Sports Data Company Gracenote, that won't happen until the Quarter Finals.
That calculation is based on one million simulations of the World Cup run by Gracenote, with points awarded for each match based on the probability of a win/draw/defeat based on the ranking of each side as they proceed through the competition.
If England win their group, and there is a 71% chance they will, they will face either Poland, Senegal, Colombia or Japan from Group H in the last 16 and are predicted to have a 41% chance of progressing.
The problem comes in the shape of Germany or Brazil who are waiting for us in the last 8 and our odds of beating either of these drops to a pathetic 18%.
In all England have 4% chance of winning the whole shebang and bringing the World up to our green and pleasant land with the most likely destination being Brazil's yellow and sandy land with a 21% chance.
So England out in the Quarter Finals and then it's either Komm auf Deutschland or Allez les Bleus, do it for Great, Great x150 Grandfather Heinrich or Pierre!

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